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LED Lighting
Displays & Millwork

Colorado Digital Labs provides CAD design and tool-path programming services for our clients that use popular CNC tools such as those made by ShopBot, Legacy CNC, and others based on Mach3 or Mach 4 software. Combined with standard hardware components and even 3D printed parts, anyone can now create all kinds of products that were once available only from large manufacturing companies.

We're in a new industrial revolution where small shops can easily create all kinds of quality products at an amazingly low cost. By using the latest CAD / CAM software with CNC tools made from off-the-shelf parts, we can make locally much of what we buy as consumers. This includes common products as well as items custom tailored to each individual client.  By focusing on quality, design and innovation, local companies can easily compete with foreign made goods.

Casita Joya is here to showcase quality products created this way as well as others from local artists and craftsmen. As we grow, our gems will include:

You can find us by our label.

Low Voltage LED Cabinet Lamp Fixtures

Casita Joya offers stock and custom made low voltage LED light fixtures specifically created for fine wood cabinets, RV's, Boats and more. They are made from select hardwoods and provided unfinished or with a dark or natural hand rubbed oil finish. These compact lamps are unique as most other commercial LED cabinet lights are housed in metal or plastic frames and can be expensive. These LED lamps are available in 3 sizes and several styles:

High brightness LED colors:

Available materials:

Custom housing and lens configurations available. Up to 34, 9 LED lamps can be connected on a single 12 Volt DC circuit. UL approved wall adapter power supplies are available separately. The 3 Watt wall adapter shown below can operate four, 9 LED lamps or twelve, 3 LED lamps.


These LED lamps can be very bright and may cause damage to the eye if looked at directly.
Only mount these lamps where direct eye exposure is limited or use a protective diffusing lens.

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Custom Signs & Millwork

Casita Joya offers custom CNC carved signs made from select hardwoods for an unlimited array of possibilities at an exceptional value. We use advanced design software with precision CNC milling tools to create beautiful artwork and make the perfect sign for your business or home.