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CBX Powered Enclosure Products
EM501 Communications Support System

CBX Powered Enclosure System

The EMpower CBX Enclosure System is a series of low cost equipment shelters suitable for temporary and permanent installations. They are based on standard intermodal containers equipped with a custom internal electric power system based on customer requirements. The typical usage is for self contained equipment support in remote or isolated locations. The electrical power source is usually grid, solar or wind and can be a combination of any of these in various formats. CBX advantages include:

Commercial intermodal container sizes include:

Empty Weight
Floor space
CDL Product Prefix
6'5''w x 6'3''h x 6'l
Door opening: 6'1" w x 5'4"h
Weight: 1430 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 39
7'2''w x 7'5''h x 8'l
Door opening: 6'11"w x 6'4"h
Weight: 2100 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 58
8'w x 8'6''h x 10'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 2870 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 78
8'w x 8'6''h x 12'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 3000 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 96
8'w x 8'6''h x 20'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 5000 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 160
8'w x 8'6''h x 24'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 6000 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 192
8'w x 8'6''h x 28'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 7000 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 224
8'w x 8'6''h x 40'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 7'5"h
Weight: 10000 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 320
8'w x 9'6''h x 45'l
Door opening: 7'8"w x 8'5"h
Weight: 10,580 lbs.
Sq. ft.: 339

Power system options are easily defined with the CBX part number building guideline:

  1. The Series and Size designation define the intermodal container size.
  2. The Power Source designator can include any or all of the Grid, Solar or Wind power input options.
  3. The System Voltage designator defines either a 120 VAC or 240 VAC primary system voltage.
  4. The System Phase designator allows for Single, Split or 3 Phase power options.
  5. The Inverter Size designation defines the inverter continuous power output capacity.
  6. The Battery Type designator indicates either L16 or GC2 type AGM batteries. Flooded type batteries can also be used.
  7. The Bank Size designator indicates the battery bank size, the number of batteries in the bank.
  8. The Input Watts designator defines the TOTAL maximum power input to the system from all available sources combined.

Typical power system installations will only use a small amount of the interior space, leaving ample room for user equipment and storage. Optional interior environmental HVAC equipment can be included where necessary. HVAC equipment limitations are primarily defined by power availability. Low power equipment options may be available for off-grid locations depending on HVAC requirements and temperature controlled exterior ventilation is always available.

CBX unit pricing is based on component cost, labor and shipping charges. All prices are subject to change without notice. Quotes are good for 90 days.

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EM501 Communications Support System

The EM501 is a modular field communications support system for emergency management and first responder organizations using P25 and other Digital Trunk Radios and Repeaters.

Designed to provide unmatched performance and flexibility, the EM501 allows unattended operation of communications and electronic equipment in remote or urban environments. It is a lightweight, solar powered, all-weather equipment platform that can be transported easily using All-Terrain Vehicles or mounted in light trucks. EM501 advantages include

Two equipment bays provide 7U standard 19 inch rack mounting rails per the EIA 310-D specification. The larger bay allows fixed or transportable DVRS units to be installed or stowed for transport allowing for immediate deployment. The EM501 consists of three individual main components:

The Solar Panel Mount Assembly protects and carries many popular sizes of commercially available Photo-Voltaic panels. It accommodates 2 panels and can be set-up or towed in under 30 seconds. Solar power output is typically 500 Watts.

The Main Equipment Enclosure is a fork-lift ready, weather-tight enclosure with five internal compartments, three of which have external access doors:

The Main Equipment Enclosure also provides two telescoping antenna masts that can extend to over ten feet.

The ATV Off-Road Trailer is a rugged vehicle option for towing the EM501 package. It provides extendable outrigger jacks for added stability and a detachable hitch. The hitch is available in either a 2 inch ball receiver or Pintle ring. The trailer has a 2000 pound carrying capacity and comes with heavy duty 25 inch ATV tires.

This trailer is not for highway use, but the EM501 can be easily mounted on any highway approved, commercially available trailer.

EM501 General Specifications

Note: The EM501 Series is designed to accommodate system components from a wide variety of manufacturers. The following general specifications are typical and are subject to change at any time.

Mobile Unit Dimensions - Inches [Ft.] (mm)
Length = 107.67 In. [8.97 Ft.] (2735 mm)
Width = 68.0 In. [5.67 Ft.] (1727 mm)
Height = 51.0 In. [4.25 Ft.] (1295 mm)
Module Dimensions - Inches [Ft.] (mm)
Length = 69.85 In. [5.82 Ft.] (1774 mm)
Width = 46.1 In. [3.84 Ft.] (1171 mm)
Height = 29.85 In. [2.49 Ft.] (758 mm)
Mobile Gross Weight
~ 650 Lbs. (295 Kg)
Module Gross Weight
~ 495 Lbs (225 Kg)
Max Continuous power @ 25 °C
4000 Watts @ 120 VAC or 120/240 VAC 60 Hz (L-L)
Surge Output Power (5 Seconds)
5800 Watts @ 120 VAC or 120/240 VAC 60 Hz (L-L)
Battery Capacity
220 A/Hr. @ 24 VDC, 440 A/Hr. @ 12 VDC
Battery Type
GC-2: Flooded or AGM (Sealed)
Solar Panel Capacity
500 Watts Typical
Solar Panel Mount
Tilt-lock Butterfly Hinge, Trail Hardened
Battery Charger
45 Amp MPPT 4 Stage, 98% Efficient
Total System Efficiency
90% +

The EM501 can be equipped with an auto-start generator using propane, gasoline or diesel fuel. This will require a larger trailer unit not shown.

Power system options are easily defined with the EM501 part number building guideline:

EM501 Product Brief

EM501 pricing is based on installed component cost, labor and shipping charges. All prices are subject to change without notice. Quotes are good for 90 days.

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