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Documentation & Intellectual Property (IP)

Colorado Digital Labs, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering documentation based on the scope of the project requirements. As an example, development efforts result in the creation of documents that may include one or more of the following:

Analysis, Evaluations & Determinations
Electrical Schematic Diagrams
PCB Assembly Bill of Materials
Scripts & Macros
Architectural Block Diagrams
Electrical Schematic Net & Pin Lists
Photographic Illustrations
Software Executable Binaries
Assembly Drawings
Engineering Change Orders
Software Flow Charts
Binary Files (EPROM, Flash etc.)
Header Files & Compiled Object Libraries
Printed Circuit CAD Files
Software Object & Class Libraries
Compiler Build (Make) & Environment Files
Hierarchical Diagrams
Printed Circuit Check Plots & DRC Reports
Software Source Code & Documentation
Component Specification Data
Interface & Connector Pin Definitions
Printed Circuit CNC Drill Files
Specification Documents
Decoded Memory and I/O address maps
Map & Link Files
Printed Circuit Component & Symbol Libraries
Technical & Service Manuals
Definitions Document
Mechanical CAD Files
Printed Circuit Fabrication Directives
User Manuals & Help Files
Document Type or Component
Mechanical Dimension Drawings
Printed Circuit Gerber Photoplot Artwork Files
VHDL Source Code
Electrical Schematic CAD Files
Processes & Procedures
Wiring Diagrams
Electrical Schematic Component & Symbol Libraries
Organization, Schedules & Resources
Requirements Document

Company Information

CDL Line Card

Technical Manual Preparation

Colorado Digital Labs provides technical document preparation including product user, service and training manuals and materials. We also provide government and DoD manual preparation services. These include:
  • ICAPS Logistics Management Information Data Products (LMIDP)
    • NIIN / NSN Part & Assembly References
  • Commercial Drawings and Associated Lists (CDAL)
    • Equipment Specification Sheets
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Part Drawings
  • Component Level Information Package (CLIP)
    • Manufacturers CAGE codes
    • Component Sources of Supply
    • Equipment Block Diagrams
    • Wiring Diagrams
    • Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) Parts Lists
    • Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) Schematics
    • Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) Component Location Drawings
  • Comercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Technical Manual Compliance
    • Copyright Release
    • Publication, Safety and Warranty Notices
    • CAGE Compliant Parts & Assembly Lists
All documentation we provide is in hardcopy and CD/DVD-ROM media form.

Engineering & Pre-production First Articles

When the elements of the new product begin to take form, engineering or pre-production first article prototypes can be created that allow critical analysis and design review before production. This ensures that customer requirements have been met and costs have been minimized.