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Precision Engineered Solutions

Colorado Digital Labs, Inc. is ready to help you create:

Manufactured Products from consumer devices to scientific instruments to spacecraft. They are sold to all kinds of customers in markets all over the world. CDL minimizes production costs and assures all regulatory requirements are met for your products having demanding applications in all environments. In every step, CDL provides help to get your product to market with the quality your customers demand.

Development Tools for the design and testing of products and components. We create hardware and/or software for code development targeting new or newly adopted semiconductor devices and modules.

Test, Measurement or Process Control Equipment used in industrial production & automation, R&D, or operations in the field. CDL designs systems to streamline production and improve quality. We can build custom process control systems or use commercial off the shelf devices and PLC's.

Third Party Based Products that interact with smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop devices and just about anything else. If time and money are critical and you need to get something up and running fast, this is usually the best way to go. By combining our software with the huge number of third party tools, development kits and related hardware devices, CDL can deliver a working prototype ready for testing or demonstration quickly.

Software Applications for Windows, LINUX, OS X or embedded environments. We do this for third party device based systems and we can build stand-alone programs for specialized applications and databases. Software is at the heart of just about everything we do.

Mechanical Components ranging from custom metal parts and 3D printed components to cast ceramic and polymer based parts. We can embed intelligent devices and circuits in these components for a wide variety of Mechatronic, Sensor, Photonic or Metrology applications.

What CDL can do for you ...

Mechatronics & Mechanical Single Chip Applications Portable Applications Scientific & Industrial Medical Applications OEM & Consumer
Motion Control Embedded RTOS Mobile Devices Data Acquisition Imaging Video & Audio
Robotics Consumer Wireless RF Process Control Perioperative Telecom
Intelligent Mechanisms Photonic Test & Measurement Instrumentation Telemetry Security
3D Printed Parts Distributed Systems Remote Sensing Aviation & Spacecraft Diagnostics Alternative Energy, SPV
Molded Parts Networked Sensors Telematics Power Control Database Education