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Electronic Hardware Design
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Electronic Hardware Design

The product requirements, architecture, cost and technology objectives contribute to the basis for the electronic design of the product. We have extensive electronic design experience across a broad range of digital, mixed signal, analog, photonic (optical), wireless (RF) and power control applications. We also specialize in EMI compliance consulting and design solutions for clients needing to meet FCC and international emissions standards. Our hardware designs are so quiet, we've been asked "Is it on?" during FCC part 15 compliance testing.

CDL has extensive electronic hardware design experience with the following:

  • High Performance Embedded & Client-Server Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's)
  • Medical Devices and Products
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Smart Sensors & Mechatronics
  • Industrial Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Consumer Products
  • GPS Subsystems & Vehicle Telematics
  • Automated Test Equipment & Fixtures
  • High Speed Data Communications, RF, Optical & Copper
  • NTSC/PAL/SECAM, SMPTE, MPEG Video Test Equipment
  • Specialized CCD Cameras & Photonic Sensors
  • High Voltage / High Current Power Control

We use:

  • VHDL, CUPL based Logic and State Machine Design for Programmable CPLD and FPGA devices
  • DSP, CISC, RISC Microprocessors & Single Chip Microcontrollers, Digital Logic of all kinds
  • PCI, Compact PCI, PC-104, PCMCIA, SCSI, VXI-VME-Euro & ISA Bus Connectivity
  • Modbus, AUI, CAN, ARINC 429, T1/E1, IEEE 488/1284/1394, RS-232/422/485/488, USB, I2C, SPI, & McBSP Interfaces
  • Data Conversion A/D & D/A, Audio & Video CODECs, Precision References
  • Analog & Linear IC's, Amplifiers & Special Functions- DC to >20 GHz, RF LNBs, DAs, Mixers & IFs, PLLs
  • Photonic Devices - UV to Longwave IR >2400 nM, CCD Line & Field Sensors, Fiber Optic Devices
  • LCD Color & Monochromatic Displays, LED Displays, CRT, Touch Screen MMI
  • Power Semiconductors, Discrete FETs, Bipolar Transistors, SCRs, TRIACs, IGBTs

All design jobs utilize Electronic Design Automation and Simulation tools from start to finish providing complete and comprehensive documentation and engineering data to ensure efficient DFM fabrication of electronic assemblies. Please refer to the Documentation page for examples.