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Production Support

Colorado Digital Labs also provides post development support for products nearing the end of their development cycle and for those already in production.
Regulatory Compliance

The government requires compliance testing of certain products that enter US markets. If the product is to be marketed internationally, it must also comply with similar requirements in each of the countries in which it is sold. Colorado Digital Labs works with you through this processes before design efforts begin to make sure your product will get approvals quickly. These include FCC, UL, CE, IEC, ISO and others. Most international standards are generally compatible, but differences can exist.

Contract Manufacturing

It is important to identify and select potential contract manufacturing vendors early if you will not be building the product in your own facilities. Colorado Digital Labs works with potential candidates, both domestic and overseas, to identify purchasing conflicts, process conflicts and tooling related restrictions so when you are ready to build, there are no hidden surprises. We provide complete documentation of your design so that your vendors have access to accurate information to get the job done right the first time.

Technical Support

Colorado Digital Labs provides comprehensive ongoing technical support for all of our design projects. If we are involved with a project, we can provide ongoing assistance to that project long after the design process has completed.