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Specification Development
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Specification Development

We use engineering specification documents that clearly describe the goals to be achieved during the design and development process. Usually these specifications are provided by our clients, but we can also assist in developing and refining these if needed. Typical specification documents may include:

  • General Product Specification
  • System Architectural Specification
  • Functional Specifications
  • User Experience / User Interface Specifications
  • Design Specifications
  • Software Objects Specifications
  • Interface Specifications
  • Mechanical & Materials Specification

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

The government requires compliance testing of certain products that enter US markets. If the product is to be marketed internationally, it must also comply with similar requirements in each of the countries in which it is sold. Colorado Digital Labs works with you through this processes before design efforts begin to make sure your product will get approvals quickly. These include FCC, UL, CE, IEC, ISO and others. Most international standards are generally compatible, but differences can exist.

System Architecture Development

The overall system architecture of any product is determined by its specifications. In cases where these are subject to change, Colorado Digital Labs strives to establish a systems architecture that is adaptable and provides enough flexibility to accommodate changing requirements. The specifications, along with the architectural definition, is the launch point of the design effort that follows.

At Colorado Digital Labs, we build elegant and efficient system architectures, providing adaptive frameworks you can rely on to meet changing demands.

Technology Evaluation

In the vast electronic component marketplace of competing parts, development platforms, and systems technologies, some are at a mature stage in their lives while others are new and others may have availability issues. With specifications providing detailed descriptions of what the new product must do, we identify the technological solutions to best meet those requirements over the expected life of the design.