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Mechanical Design
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Mechanical Design

From precision miniature optics assemblies to highway vehicles, Colorado Digital Labs provides mechanical design services for packaging, mechanical components, motion control and test fixture creation. We design precision motion control and drive train assemblies for medical instruments to hydraulic gate control systems for reservoirs and agricultural irrigation systems.

Colorado Digital also provides 3D printed components through 3'rd party service bureaus. This allows for fast and very cost competitive prototype and small run mechanical parts to be fabricated in a variety of materials including steel and nickel/chrome alloys.

Mechanical drawings and 3D models can be delivered in the following file formats:

Input / Output file formats
Input only file formats

3DS: AutoDesk 3D Studio format
BMP: Bitmap format
CGM: Computer Graphics Metafile
DGN: Intergraph Standard file format
DWF: Drawing Web Format
DWG: AutoCAD native format
DXF: Drawing eXchange Format
EPS: Encapsulated Post Script
GIF: Raster graphic
PDF: Adobe Portable Document Format
STL: Surface Tessellation Language

3DV: VRML Worlds
DC, DCD: DesignCAD
FCW: FastCAD Win
GEO: VRML Worlds

Electro-Optical Encoders and Detector Assemblies
Membrane Keyboards
Instrument Front Panels & Silk-screen Artwork
Enclosures & Equipment Cases
Rack mount Structures & Enclosures
Optical Filter Wheels and Choppers
High Vacuum System Components & Structures
Bed-of-Nails Test Fixtures
Drive Trains & Gear Boxes

Typical 2D Sheet Drawing of a 3D part model.

STL 3D Model Analysis